Donald Trump – From Billionaire to President

Like it or not, it does not matter, because no one can deny the Donald Trump’s success. One person who took over the real estate business. Not only that he is the president of the United States, he is also the richest president ever stepped into the White House.


Early Years

Donald Trump was born on 14 June 1946, in New York, he is the youngest of five brothers. Donald’s father, Fred Trump was in real estate long before Donald. When he was a child, Donald was quite aggressive, in one interview he says that in second grade, he hit his teacher so hard that he blooms her eye. Being disturbed by the behavior of his son, Fred Trump moved Donald to a military school. Donald Trump graduated from school with the title of cadet-captain and at the end he says “From aggression to success” .In his book, Donald writes how he loved going with his father to see how the job is going, and that makes young Trump a strong impression. He is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, which is the best real estate agent at that time, in 1968. After graduating, he works for his fatherOne day he decides to borrow money from him and open an office in Manhattan.


The Trump Name

In 1971, Trump took control of the company, renaming it to “Trump Organization”. The first big deal that young Trump makes is to take the bankrupted Hotel Commodore and turn it into the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Opened in 1980, it became super successful in no time. In 1983, Trump shocked the country, he builds in the center of Manhattan a 68-story Trump Tower.The interesting thing about this building is that the outside is made of glass, something that was not typical at that time and remains a trace in the history of real estate. In 1987, Trump published the book “The Art Of The Deal,” which had been the number one bestseller for 52 weeksTrump, baffled by success, decides to start playing with the gaming business. He build the largest casino in the world at the time Tah Majal Casino. Unfortunately, for a short time from he goes down. In 1991, he was close to a bankruptcy but  managed to get out through good credits and selling his airline. After the bankruptcy, Trump entered the business, renewing in 1995 the 70-story building in Manhattan and renaming it “Bank of Manhattan Trusting”.In 1999, his father, Fred, died. In 2001 he builds The Trump World Tower, a 72 story building. At that time he opened  a number of luxury golf courses all over the country. His next deal is worth 73 million, he buys the Chicago Sun Times building. After that he opened the Trump International Tower in Chicago, and the success is unique. In addition, Trump wins millions of “The Apprentice”.



On June 16, 2015, surprising at the Trump Tower, Donald announced that he would run for president. Trump has been nominated by the RepublicansHe promised the people to drastically reduce unemployment, as a successful businessman, to reduce the emigration inflow and to increase US economy. In the election, Trump defeated his opponent, Hillary Clinton.



ap_736819318610.jpgRepublican National Convention: Day Four


Zhivko Yuliyanov Gadev, The Gentleman House 2018

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