The British Jaguar

The XJ model of the famous Jaguar brand is a series of luxury cars manufactured and sold by Jaguar Cars from 1968 to our days.42516507_282062802404546_8200303761726373888_n


Short review

The Gentleman House” will tell you about the Jaguar XJ (X351), which has been produced since 2009 to date. The new XJ series is completely renewed because it is longer, wider and more innovative than its predecessor. The luxury vehicle features an innovative dashboard for LCD display and console. The console display offers a variety of viewpoints for the driver and passengers. The XJ (X351) is available in Standard and Long versions. The car comes with Jaguar, in 2013 the new 3.0-liter V6 engine with 340 horsepower is also introduced. In 2014 came the insignificant facelift, which improved the air suspension and several minor cosmetic changes. The next XJ facelift came out in 2015 with LED headlamps, J-Blade rear lights and a few safety features for better control.


The Gentleman House Conclusion

The Gentleman House’s conclusion is that the Jaguar XJ is a model that has been produced for over 50 years, with each new series being better than the previous one.






The Gentleman House 2018

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