Rolls Royce – The King Of Luxury




The latest version of the British car brand Rolls-Royce, with a division of BMW AG was presented in October 2017. This is the eighth Rolls-Royce Phantom series, a unique car in which pleasure is indescribable whether you are riding it or driving it.


Short Review


One of the innovations of the eighth generation of the British flagship is that the cab noise is reduced by about 75%, which delivers peace of mind. Another innovation is the intelligent suspension of the new limousine, which, in addition to trying to soften the ride through uneven terrain, also receives information from a camera mounted on the windscreen. The eight-speed gearbox features satellite data to help prepare the venichle  for the obstacles ahead.

Another innovation for Rolls-Royce is the 12-cylinder twin-turbo engine that keeps the car at 650 revolutions per minute. There is no need for an explanation for the luxury limousine and the interior. Forms, performance and quality are Rolls-Royce’s trademark and cannot be mistaken for another car. As always, the designers of the British brand have taken care of the beautiful LED lights on the outside, the quality leather on the seats, the Phantom star LED roof that takes you to another place and countless extras justifying the price and quality of the Rolls-Royce Phantom.



The Gentleman House opinion

The Gentleman House review of  the Rolls-Royce, both in the beginning and now, is very well-designed,built and fitted to satisfy the wishes of the wealthy enthusiasts who want to stand out among the rest with the class and a unique and a luxury limousine.





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