Steve Jobs – The Apple Revolutionary

Steve Jobs, the technological magnate, the founder of Apple. The man who made phones with touch screen a reality and not a film illusion.


Short Biography

Steve was born on February 24, 1955. His biological parents were students during his birth due to the fact that they didn’t have the money to watch over Steve, they left him for adoption. Baby Steve was adopted by Paul Jobs and Clara Jobs. Steve did very well at school, that there were periods in which teachers wanted him to skip a grade, but his parents always refused.He graduated from high school in 1972, and applied to Reed College, Portland because he Reed College was not a cheap college, Steves parents couldn’t afford it so Steve drops out. Still, he did not give up and went on to lectures, many times he had slept on the ground in his friends’ apartment, returned cans from coke and often went for free meals around the city. In 1976, Steve Jobs’s friend Steve Wozniak managed to build the first Apple I computer.


The Apple Empire

After the sale of the Apple I they managed to earn enough money to invest in the Apple II computer, the computer that built the Apple Empire. 1977, Apple is officially founded and even considered as a serious player. By 1978, Apple had $ 2 million in revenue thanks to Apple II. The business was spinning as follows: Jobs held the company’s presentations and business section while Wozniak built and held the computers. In 1986, Steve Jobs bought Pixar Studios from George Lucas. The key point is when Steve Jobs is fired from his own company. But he does not give up and builds NeXT, the new born company is building on the foundation of an operating system that Apple really needed. With tied hands and needing such a system, Apple bought NeXT in 1996, and Steve Jobs returned to his own company again. Returning there, Apple wasn’t in a very good shape, Steve asked Bill Gates for a 150 million credit, which Bill gives him. Thanks to NeXT, Apple made the first Mac, which brought mad profits to the company, then the incredible iPod that completely changes the music industry. And let’s not forget the legendary iPhone that raised Apple’s name.


Last Moments

Steve Jobs died in Palo Alto on October 5, 2011, after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. At the time of his death, his net worth was around 7.8 billion dollars. He is remembered as a very stubborn man, innovator and genius. Rest in peace Steve!




Zhivko Yuliyanov Gadev, The Gentleman House 2018

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