David Beckham – Being a Gentleman

An exceptional personality is David Beckham. A great footballer, a man who got the title sexiest man on the planet by magazine Time, a big charity giver and a gentleman. In today’s article we will bring you close to the life of David Beckham.

Short Biography

David is born on 2 May 1975 in London, UK. The moment he touched a soccer ball it became clear that he will be a great footballer. He married Victoria Beckham in 1999, he has w four children with her – three sons: Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, and a daughter Harper. In 2007, he signed a contract with the L.A Galaxy for $ 250 million.

Manchester United

David was only 11 years old when Manchester United noticed the talent in him and decided to invite him to the test exams. He passes all the exams successfully and transfers to United’s junior team. In 1992, the Machester United youth team won the FA Cup and the football analysts noticed the beautiful Beckham’s play. In 1993 Beckham signed for the most famous club at that time in England, Manchester United. Quick Beckham understand that football is a profession that is up to date, and only 20 years ago, he has begun to invest in other things by becoming an advertising face of Pepsi and Adidas. In 2000 he became the captain of the national team of England. In 2002, he was sold to Real Madrid for 35 million euros. He won the LA LIGA 2006-2007 and the Super Cup 2003.

The David Beckham name

n 2005, Beckham began to produce toilet water. The first models are made by the world-famous Alon Astori and Beatris Piquet. In 2007 began a mass production of perfumes “For Her” and “For Him”. In 2013, he professionally retired from football, with his last game played for PSG. In 2014 an autobiographical movie was released. In 2015, David began to appear more often on the big screen, playing several roles in a number of good movies. He is also shooting for a number of famous magazines as a model.

Personal Life

n many interviews, he has said that being a gentleman has been his goal since a youth age. He admires good manners, family and love. While marrying Victoria Beckham in 1999, he said that she is the love of his life. He has often told her that she is a tough character, but she never thought to divorce her. They are almost 20 years together. Interesting purchases: A huge mansion in LA, Bentley Mulsanne, Ferrari F430, a lot of Harley Davidson models, Bugatti Veyron and Private Jet Embraer Legacy.

Zhivko Yuliyanov Gadev, The Gentleman House 2018

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