Modern Day, Gentlemen Manners

Though nowadays notions of manners and etiquette have somehow disappeared in modern society, for us gentlemen this is extremely important. Good manners make us feel comfortable in a given environment, and they are also synonymous with education and intelligence. Those who know the manners and the etiquette always success in life.

1.Always hold the door open

This is one of the rules that will never grow old. Even at the time of the Renaissance, when the ladies wore huge dresses, it was crucial that the man holds the door open at the entrance. Nowadays, keeping a door open should not be done only with ladies, it is always a good impression if you hold the door. Even when someone does not notice the gesture you have to be happy with yourself,. 9/10 times the gesture is noticeable.

2. Leave the bottom button of your suit jacket unbuttoned

The history here is a bit strange but fun too. In the 20th century, when King Edward VII was at the heart of Britain, he loved to eat so much. One day after a rather big dinner, he decided to unbutton the last button because it tightened, the guest really liked how it sits. Nowadays, this is part of the trend, it is modern, it is also comfortable.

3. Always be on time

Since the Middle Ages, the gesture to arrive later was terribly offended. Sometimes it was even a sign of war. The rule is pretty simple just imagining how you will feel if someone is late for your meeting. Nowadays, being on time is extremely important for a self-respecting gentleman. Even if the other people around you are late, you always have to come on time. Over time, you will build the image of a person that can be relied upon.

4. Good Hygiene

In the past, hygiene was known only to the aristocracy. In the 18th century, however, books began to be written about how to maintain good hygiene and from then on hygiene became extremely important. Nowadays, the lack of hygiene is synonymous with disrespect for oneself and lack of discipline. Nowadays, a gentleman always has to maintain a good hygiene – he has to be well cut, shaved, and if it he have a beard it has to be well shaped. Even if you’re just going to the grocery store, you never know who you might run into.

5. Pull Out a Lady’s Chair for Her

During the Renaissance, men always helped their ladies with uncomfortable clothing, pulling their chair before and after eating. Nowadays, this gesture is quite forgotten, you will rarely see a man helping a lady sit or stand by pulling her chair. This gesture must be mandatory in the life of a gentleman. This gesture means concern and high culture.

6. Take off your hat indoors

In the Middle Ages, hats or helmets were worn for self-defense, but when someone removed it, it was a sign of trust. Nowadays, taking your hat off indoors is a sign of respect and trust.

7. Table Manners

An absolutely mandatory rule built centuries ago. It is extremely ugly to see a person who does not know how to behave on a table today. The most important thing is always to keep your elbows, short on the table, letting the lady order first, and be kind to your waiter or guest.

8. Leave your smartphone

Smartphones are playing an increasing role in our lives. Look at how often you see walking friends stuck in their phones. Are going to a restaurant seeing the whole family sitting on their phones? Its pretty ugly view. A gentleman must always leave his phone when he is in front of people or talking to someone.

9. A gentleman gives her his jacket.

Absolutely required! When it’s raining or when it’s cold, always give her your jacket!

10. Always keep a secret

 The word gentleman is synonymous with trust, when someone shares something or a secret, you always have to keep it. Also very important is keeping a word!

Zhivko Yuliyanov Gadev, The Gentleman House 2018

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