Lamborghini aventador coupe – THE ITALIAN BULL

The idea of the Lamborghini car brand has always been to create sport cars that lift your adrenaline and make you enjoy high speed. In recent years, we have noticed that Italians are trying to combine adrenaline and sports with comfort and innovation. The Italian Jewel The Lamborghini Aventador Coupe jewel, as the Italians call … Continue reading Lamborghini aventador coupe – THE ITALIAN BULL


Lewis Hamilton, the man behind Mercedes in Formula One.The man who knows how to make success after success.Lewis Hamilton debuted in 2007, losing the World Title by just one point. From that day he became one of the greatest talents at the time. However, Lewis does not disappoint, he currently has 4 world titles behind … Continue reading LEWIS HAMILTON – HIGH SPEED WITH LUXURY

Drinking whiskey like a gentleman

Drinking whiskey is something unique, something that gives us such great pleasure. We are obliged to enjoy it properly. Drinking whiskey in front of people must necessarily be representative. 1. Know your whiskey If you often drink whiskey, take some time knowing the regions and the different types of whiskey. Choose the best one for … Continue reading Drinking whiskey like a gentleman