Bill Gates – The road to the richest person on earth


Even at my young age Bill Gates has left me with a great impression of himself. We can call him my first role model in life. At the age of 31, Bill became the youngest billionaire, and at the age of 37 he became the richest man on our planet. But how did he achieve that? Dear gents, The Gentleman House will give you the most interesting of the road of our giant, Bill Gates!

Our friend Bill was quite interested in computes early on. At the age of eight, he had a personal computer, something that were very rare at the time. Even in his spare time, he worked on the computer. He was kicked from school at the age of 10, because he was involved in to hacking. He was a young humble guy, there were days that I work 13-14 hours a day- Bills says. It’s a fact that he had read a book a week, that means he is reading 4-6 books a month. He had never, never and never left up his dreams. His whole life he pursued what he think it was right. One of Bill’s abilities that he had always spoken about is his luck indeed. He meets Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen at a young age, he had a meeting with Steve Jobs that motivated him to work hardly on his company. From the meeting with Steve he understood that Apple products are good, but their closed system can’t be customized. Working at Microsoft and his programming language he developed and OS that can be greatly customized and friendly open for the user.

Now you will see an interesting photo, showing Bill Gates life!



Zhivko Yuliyanov Gadev, The Gentleman House