The Luxurious Overfinch


Short review

Less than a year ago, the automobile giant Range Rover released the most luxurious SUV ever invented by the Range Rover marketers. The tuning company Overfinch transforms and improves the RR’s existing SUV, creating something even better than ever before. Overfinchimproves appearance by replacing grilles, adding new lights, diffusers, new exhaust tips, richer color range and many new extras. The new and improved SUV of Overfinch has new British leather seats, leg rests, massage features that are built into the seats. The car has a 4G, WI-Fi network and many smartphone-powered applications.

All these improvements and extras come with their price. The price for the 3.0 V6 turbodiesel with the smallest package of extras starts at $ 129,500 and the highest price for a gasoline 5-liter V8 is $ 144,850. The hybrid version of the Overfinch flagship will be available to automobile enthusiasts in the US in 2019. 

The Gentleman House opinion

We think that this is a car that has begun from scratch since 1975 and every year, it’s becoming more and more innovative, more interesting, more luxurious and better. It’s a car for people with a character.




The Gentleman House 2018