Born on April 9, 1926 in Chicago, Illinois, Hugh Hefner will become the man who built the Empire named Playboy. The moment Hefner managed to seduce Marilyn Monroe to shoot for the cover of his magazine, he exploded. Playboy is everywhere, all over the United States and soon beyond the ocean. Hefner turns into an icon. In addition to Playboy, Hugh is also known for the Girls Next Door show.
The early life of our gentleman Hugh, The Gentleman House will introduce you to the most important and interesting things of his life.

Born in a strict Christian family, Hugh has a younger brother. He studied at the Sayre Elementary School, and then Steinmetz High School, where his IQ was about 152, although his grades were not particularly high. At college he started to run the local student newspaper – this is an early sign of his talent in journalism. Our gentleman Hugh also served 2 years in the local American Army. In the 50s, Hefner worked for the Esquire magazine, where most of the work was about Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott. Fitzgerald.

The Beginning of the Playboy Fairy Tale.

  • Hugh Hefner wanted his own company. He knew that he would succeed, but his capital was missing. That’s why he first gathered about $ 8,000 from 45 investors. 2000 dollars from his mother and brother Keith, that give Playboy the force start. The interesting thing here is that he wanted his company to be called Stag Party, but somehow everyone around him told him the name was not particularly appropriate. Hugh returns to his years when he was in college and thinks of a classmate who told Playboy. He loved that name, and that’s exactly what symbolized Hefner himself – The American Playboy.

The Playboy Symbol

  • There is hardly anyone who does not know the Playboy logo. Everyone knows that little bunny with the tuxedo bow tie around his neck. Hefner saw the rabbit as a playful animal, which can highlight the image of his magazine. In the 1960s, this logo managed to create the so-called “Playboy Philosophy” – On Hefner. There, he emphasizes the freedom of the female individual. After its first year of regular printing, Playboy made 1 million sales, breaking the local competition, and later the global one. Hefner has always emphasized that the rabbit is what made him rich.

The Golden Age of Playboy

  • The 60s of the 20th century in the United States – Hugh with his tuxedo, a pipe in his hands and a dangerous smile. Hugh’s name is rumbled everywhere, his beautiful women are filmed, featured on TV shows and interviewed all over the country. Hugh becomes not only a successful businessman, but an icon for the sexual revolution in the United States. Shortly afterwards, Hugh released several clubs that became one of the most active clubs in the country. Hugh, besides laying the foundations of erotic magazines, also laid the foundations of erotic clubs, where many famous people also enjoyed. Soon after, Hugh builds hotels, resorts and a host of other facilities for relaxation.


  • Hugh dies on 27 September, 2017 in his Playboy mansion in California. Hugh dies as a legend in the erotic business, an icon for a number of successful people and a real gentleman.

FILE PHOTO -  Playboy Magazine founder Hefner smiles at the news conference for the upcoming Playboy Jazz Festival, at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles