Rolex – The Classic gentleman watch


Cool-Rolex-Watch-WallpaperRolex is a watch company, valued around the world. Few people are unaware of this legendary name in the watchmaking sphere. As its name stands, it is synonymous with strength, quality and power. The Gentleman House will introduce you to the history of this magnificent watch and how to,this day it is the most classic gentleman’s watch.


The beginning of Rolex

–  The founder is Hans Wilsdorf, born in Germany, but he has moved to Switzerland. He found a job at a watch company in La Chaux-de-Fonds. In 1905, he moved to London, where with his brother in law Alfred Davis founded Wilsdorf & Davis Ltd. The idea was simple, they brought parts from Switzerland and produced them in London, putting an overvaluation on the watch. Hans named Rolex in 1908 and immediately registered the name. In 1915 the company was renamed Rolex Watch Co. Ltd.
In 1926 Rolex took over the market with its waterproof Oyster Perpetual. Over the next 5 years there is no competition for the Oyster Perpetual and he builds the foundations of the company. In 1952, Rolex came with the idea of ​​a crown for their representative logo. Rolex after succeeding among the business circles, Hans’s next goal is to break through the sporting circles. In 1927, a woman swam through the British Channel with one of the Rolex models. Climbing Everest, Edmund Hillary also wore a Rolex watch. In 1960, Hans dies.

 The Rolex quality 

–  Let’s start with the fact that most of the clocks are made of stainless steel, which is extremely high quality. There are, of course, watches that are made of 18 carat gold or a blend of steel and gold called double dessert.

Rolex innovation 

–  Rolex were the first watches with a waterproof case, the first diving watch and the first watch with a date. The most important thing Rolex gave was the self-winding mechanism. Self- winding a watch totally changed the game. With all these innovations, Rolex took over the market.


–  There is no Rolex design that does not appeal to at least one person. We can start from Day-Date, DateJust, President, Yachtmaster, GMT-MASTER to Sea-Dweller.Milqauss, Daytona, Submariner and Air King.
Rolex is the classic brand of watches for every self-respecting gentleman nowadays!  


Sell-Gold-Rolex-Gold-SmartZhivko Yuliyanov Gadev, The Gentleman House 2018 

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